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Home dog boarding in Wiltshire

Home dog boarding in Wiltshire. I am licensed with Wiltshire council (LN 000015215) and insured with Pet Business Insurance. My license and insurance cover board for up to 10 dogs at one time within our family home.


Your dogs are boarded indoors in our warm and friendly family home.  I have a dedicated dog room directly linked to our kitchen. Normally I keep the access between the two rooms open however, if I need to keep some dogs separate while feeding etc. I can close off the access. In addition I have a small securely fenced front garden and a large securely fenced back garden. Due to this when the weather is nice, I can safely give your dog time outside when not on a walk.

Home dog boarding - Its a dogs life
It’s a dogs life


£24 per 24h (1 dog)
£16  per 24h (second dog)

£24 per day (1 dog)
£16 per day (second dog)


Drop off from 7:00
collection up to 19:00
(other hours tba)